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Supporting MaterialsSupporting Materials


  • Explain the roles of supporting materials in speeches

Discussion Overview

This discussion forum explores strategies for public speakers to use when identifying and using appropriate supporting materials.


Your participation in the discussion forum, including:

  • Responses to the initial question(s)
  • Responses to at least two other student’s posts

Step 1

Post a response to the discussion board.

Respond to the following questions, and if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience:

  1. Using the Internet to research and obtain supporting materials such as graphs, charts, statistics, quotes, and so on, you have literally millions of resources available. Write two or three sentences that describe what you need to consider when evaluating material from the Internet.
  2. What role does supporting material from the Internet play in a speech? Please elaborate.
  3. How do you evaluate if a site is biased or one-sided? Please elaborate.
  4. Does the Internet obscure truth or make it more visible? Explain.

Step 2

Read and respond to other students’ posts.

  • Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them.

Use your personal experience, if it’s relevant, to support or debate at least two other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support opinions.

Discussion Rubric

  • 6 Points each (total 24 Points): Responses to the four questions
  • 6 Points (3 points each): Comment on at least two other student’s posts


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