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Research summary paragraph on Pesticide Action Network, or PAN, as well as a list of properly-cited sources that is “annotated” with the insights and evidence that will inform your research presentation. Your bibliography should include 3 sources, including 1 text from the course, 1 journal article or chapter from a University Press book, and 1 digital resource related to your project (not news or a blog).Each annotation should be 1-2 paragraphs in length, and it should briefly summarize what you learned from the source. It should also include key quotes and analysis (of the kind you have written for your Canvas posts).

Your write up should be able to answer the following questions for each source: a) What did I learn from this source? What angle or insight does it contribute to my understanding of my topic? b) How does it help me respond to the 4 presentation questions? And c) What is something surprising about my topic that I learned from this source (which I haven’t yet mentioned in my response).

Paper should have 4 short paragraphs. 1 for summary, 3 for 3 annotations. One annotation is from the pdf provided below so You only need to find two more( journal article and digital resource)


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