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* l(You’re a group of creative and innovative engineers proposing a project topic (a solution with use of technology) to a customer which could be the city officials of Baltimore City (or any other Metro areas) or a corporation. Your proposed solution will help citizens, businesses, or government in achieving the ultimate goals in Future Cities. Remember, you’re putting efforts toward winning a project in a competitive market from your potential customer to become a contractor.

  • You could think big to win a big project in mind. If it’s needed to complete that project, you’re not just a company of 4-5 engineers, you’re presenting for a big company of any size with imaginary good reputation in the field.
  • As it is discussed in project management lecture PowerPoint, make sure to address the three areas of a good wining proposal, Technical section, Management section, Cost section.
  • Please stay focused in one area/aspect of technology. You’re NOT offering several unrelated technologies to a customer in one single proposal. Narrow down your focus and write more in detail just about one topic/solution/area in your proposed Information Technology solution to your customer.
  • The sample outline in the project requirements document is just part of many outline possibilities of how to summarize the report; but, at least, make sure to address those areas.
  • As it is discussed in the project management lecture PowerPoint slides, you need to address the three areas of a good wining proposal, “Technical section, Management section, Cost section”. Please make sure to include these three sections in your proposal to have a winning proposal against your competitors’ proposals and their bets (other contractors’ proposal submission for the same project/contract).


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