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Answer the questions listed below and respond with a well thought-out response for each question. You must also choose another student’s post and respond to their thread with your feedback. ALWAYS be respectful of others when you post.

1. In what ways does your own culture influence the way you think, feel, and act? Use support from the text to respond. (minimum of 1 FULL paragraph) – 5 points

2. How prepared are you to understand and work with clients of different cultural backgrounds? Do you feel more or less comfortable working with particular groups and why? Use support from the text to respond. (minimum of 1 FULL paragraph) – 5 points

3. Can you identify any areas of your personal cultural bias or lack of cultural knowledge that could inhibit your ability to work effectively with people who are different from you? If so, what steps might you take to challenge your biases or lack of knowledge? Use support from the text to respond. (minimum of 2 FULL paragraphs) – 10 points

#########********Your responses should be based on your readings from the text in conjunction with your thoughts/ experiences.

All assignments that include references must utilize APA format, 7th edition for in-text citations and reference list (unless specifically instructed otherwise). Points will be deducted for errors in grammar, syntax and sentence structure. All written work must be original work. The University’s policy for similarity to other work is 20%. No one paper should have more than 20% of quoted material unless it is a literature review. “Excellent” (A range) criteria reflect work above and beyond expectations for the assignment (e.g., no writing errors, strict adherence to APA formatting, excellent writing mechanics, integration of peer-reviewed articles, etc.)


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