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Write a half- to 1-page entry in your Health Journal that addresses the following:

  • After reviewing the readings about the Dimensions of Wellness, explain which dimension of your wellness you feel is the most out of balance. Explain your response.
  • Construct a 1-sentence goal statement related to a health behavior that falls within this dimension of wellness or dimensions (if it overlaps). Example: In order to improve my emotional and physical health, my behavioral goal is to get more sleep by going to bed an hour earlier each night.
  • Identify two to three specific steps you will take to work toward this health behavior goal by the end of this course. Example: In order to get an additional hour of sleep each night, I will need to eat earlier in the evening and start my course work earlier. I also have a tendency to procrastinate, which means I don’t start my course work until 8 or 9 at night. I need to eat earlier, start on my home work by 6, and then I can get to bed no later than 10 pm.
  • Explain the potential health benefits related to changing this behavior. Example: By getting more sleep, I’ll have more energy to get through the day, and my mood will likely improve. I think it will improve my emotional health, too, because I’ll be more rested to deal with stressful situations. Also I won’t have to panic the night before my assignments are due because I won’t be procrastinating. I may actually do better in my classes as well because I won’t be trying to write assignments with one eye!

Each week, as part of your Health Journal, you will be asked to report your progress toward achieving this goal. Assignments must follow APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines. You may also choose to use the resources on the Writing and Library Skills Resource Guide page below.


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