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1. Authenticity in Leadership: With reference to all the materials from Week 9 of the course, define “authenticity” (including all its dimensions) and three ways in which it relates to eudaimonia. Identify and explain three ways in which leaders can cultivate authenticity, as well as three ways in which practicing authenticity can be problematic. Discuss at least one experiential lesson from this course that has helped you (or will help you) be a more authentic leader, and how.

2. Accountability and the Just Administration of Blame in Leadership: Skarlicki, Kay, Aquino, & Fushtey (2017) advanced an argument as to why organizational leaders have a special responsibility to resist the tendency to engage in “swift blame”, and to administer blame in a more thoughtful and just manner. Identify and describe three alternative approaches they discuss, and how each can reduce the tendency to engage in swift blame. With reference to each of the cardinal virtues in virtue theory, discuss how the alternative approaches to swift blame identified by Skarlicki et al. (2017) can help you become a more virtuous leader. Identify and describe one experiential lesson from this course that has helped you (or will help you) be a more virtuous leader, and how.

You will be required to upload a 450-550 word response to ONE of the following two questions.

Responses must be written in clear and appropriate language and make reference to relevant readings from the course materials in APA format (there is no minimum number of references, but I think it’s better to refer with one or two.)

The materials in week 9 will be used for the first essay.

The material from week 7 will be used for second essay.


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