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Chapter Questions:

Topic: This chapter is called, “Measuring Corporate Performance”, and you were introduced to many financial ratios. Please answer the following questions:

(1) From what you have read, why are financial ratios important and useful to investors?

(2) Which one ratio do you think is the most important or useful ratio? (Hint: there is no correct answer on this question.)

(3) What is the difference between market value and book value?

(4) Is market value or book value more useful to investors?

Directions: Please write a brief (50-100 words) response. Upload your response via Canvas at the bottom of this page.

Warning: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. In your responses, you must always use your own words. Do not simply copy/paste your answers directly or indirectly from Google search results. That is considered plagiarism. Plagiarism may result in a 0 on the assignment, and further disciplinary action being taken by the Office of Academic Affairs. Your responses will be evaluated using the anti-plagiarism software from Vericite.

NOTE: I recommend writing your response in a Word document first, and then uploading your response when completed. This will allow you to save your work in Word in case your computer crashes, and also Word allows you to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.


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