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Final Paper Proposal (1): Title & proposal

Choose a title that determines your research topic for this course (Organizational Development). Your research topic should have the following characteristics:

First, clearly determine the content of the research paper.

Second, a good title should be interesting to the reader.

Third, it should be something that matters to you in real life! Such as your career, job, future or dissertation. For example, if you know you want to focus on Nigerian accounting practices in your dissertation, you could pick a Nigerian accounting firm or a Nigerian company as your company for the project. Each class you take at CMU should help guide you to your dissertation…More on this later. 🙂
Fourth and finally, it should contain important keywords that will make it relevant to your interests and to this course.

(2): Justification

The justification should be a persuasive narrative (60-70 words) that contains the following:

  1. State your Claim: Start with a brief statement of your paper title, which will focus on your research paper. It should not contain the specifics of your research.
  2. Establish Reasons: Based on the chosen title, begin providing the reasoning. It is essential to frame your reasoning for why such a title is chosen with your objectives.
  3. Provide Support: It is best to provide a one-sentence descriptive bibliography (in-text citation) with few references indicating that your title is in line with the recent research. Do not spend more than 25 words on providing a research background (in-text citation word count not counted). The more recent and up-to-date the support references you provide, the stronger your title justification is.
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