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Provide answers to all of the questions below:

1.There are many theories and schools of thought on innovation. Choose at least one past and one current theory. Compare and contrast these theories and the associated thinking behind these theories.

2.Choose one of the theories of innovation and associated thinking you wrote about in the previous question and explain its practical application in a workplace setting.

3.Identify and describe a creativity theory and associated thinking. Explain its practical application in a workplace setting.

4.Identify three examples of leadership styles and discuss the impact on innovation, specifically whether the style of innovation encourages or inhibits innovation within an organisation.

5.Identify and describe two types of organisational structure and explain each structure’s impact on innovation within the company.

6.Explain how the industry within which a company is situated can impact on innovation.

7.Analyse the impact of organisational culture and attitude to risk on innovation.

8.Analyse the impact of competition and government regulation on innovation.

9.Outline two risks associated with innovation and strategies that can be used to identify, assess and manage each of these risks.

10.Explain the difference between an innovation driver and an innovation enabler and provide two examples of each.

11.Describe three mechanisms within an organisation that support innovative practices. The mechanisms you describe should include examples relevant to the organisational system as a whole and specific procedure.

12.Identify three typical challenges and barriers to innovation that an organisation can experience. Discuss each challenge and barrier and for each a strategy that can be used to overcome them.


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