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Build-A-Classroom Final Project

Due Date: Friday, August 27th at 5:00 PM


This project will require you to use your cumulative knowledge from throughout the course to

create a “classroom manual”. Each section of your manual should follow the instructions set out

in the “Final Project Tie In” for the respective section. There are 10 sections, each covering a

topic that we cover in class, which should allow for you to tie what you learned into a real life

type of scenario.

Project Requirements

The manual that you create will be a document (either a Word Doc or PDF) that should end up

being a minimum of 7 pages long (including title and reference page). There is not a specified

formatting requirement but whatever type of formatting you use should be coherent and

consistent (meaning uniform font/font size throughout, page numbers in the same location, etc.).

Organization is the key to success with this project, ensuring that each section is complete and

in order is essential.

Required Elements of the Project

Title Page – Feel free to have fun and create a visually appealing title page, please make sure

that it has your first and last name on it.

Main Content – all of the required information for each of the sections is laid out in the Tie-In

Handout for its respective sections

1. Classroom Mission Statement

2. Applying Theories of Development

3. Incorporating Age-Level Characteristics

4. Creating an Inclusive Environment

5. Managing Expectations and Setting Classroom Rules

6. Class Groupings

7. Reward Systems

8. A Sample Lesson Plan

9. Maintaining Motivation

10. Defining Meaningful Learning Experiences


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