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Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley is a novel that focuses on the lives of three characters: Victor Frankenstein, Captain Walton, and the Creature. Each share in one another’s journey through a series of meetings and presents conflicts due to the actions of the characters. This project ask you to analyze each character based on a thesis statement that you create and present a clear line of reasoning to support your thesis claim. The project ask you to provide quotes, analysis and visual images to support your thesis statement all using Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting for the citations. You are free to create your own powerpoint, Prezzi, Video, or any form of media, but you will need to follow the directions as noted. See enclosed examples.


Slide Name: Your name and Thesis Statement. Select a focus/thesis statement for the quotes and images you will select.

Next slides for your project : Select a total of nine quotes- three for each character. There are three major characters in the novel:

  • Victor Frankenstein (Three slides – one quote per slide)
  • Captain Walton (Three slides – one quote per slide)
  • The Creature (Three slides – one quote per slide)
  • undefined

    Images: One for each slide. You may create your images digitally, draw images by hand, or use clip art to convey your visual message. Remember to support each image with a caption that includes the stanza and line numbers plus a brief summary. Each slide will need an illustration cited correctly using MLA format and cited on the Sources cited page.

    Summary Slide: Summary statement to support your thesis statement.

    Sources Cited Slide: Sources Cited Page


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