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Company Name- Capgemini Consulting

Company’s Website-

Plan of action to understand the HR function of Capgemini:

1. Develop a thorough understanding of the company’s objectives: What the company visions are, what they plan to achieve in short and long term.

2. Evaluate the HR capability of the Organization: Understand what the current HR resources company possess and what are the skills and capabilities of the HR department.

3. Analyze your current HR capacity considering your goals: After understanding the capability, analyze the capacity of the department with respect to other functions and company operations. This will help us in building an effective strategy for the company.

4. Estimate your company’s future HR requirements: Future expectations would tell us what the company plans to gain from its HR department in alignment of its goals, the plan of understanding could be understood only if we have the future expectations in hand.

5. Determine the tools required for employees to complete the job: This is where the pain lies, the job of HR department. This would give us a direction where the efforts of the department would go. Understanding this would require a lot of effort and skills from the HR team.

6. Implement the human resource management strategy: Based on the goal and requirement analysis, we will build the HR strategy to achieve the goals of HR department.

7. Evaluation and corrective action: These actions are taken once we have our performance evaluated by the expectations that we set. Any deviation would be identified, and corrective actions would be taken. 


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