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The research and development budgets are one of the most important areas of the corporate structure. With the constant changes to products due to technology advancements, all corporations must be at least on par with their competition. Constant developments of new products and services that are needed to improve the established products. In addition, new product lines are needed in order to remain competitive and grow the company and bottom line resulted dollars. How would you as budget manager accomplish these goals? How would you plan for increased general and administrative costs to have the required personnel in place for the company’s goals in relation to the budget?

Discussion Requirements

The intent of the Discussion Forum is for the students to engage in the readings with one another. Please note that this activity is interactive.

  • All postings must be made between Monday and Sunday. You will receive a zero for late posts.
  • Initial post is due by Wednesday. Initial posts are expected to illustrate your understanding of the learning materials assigned for that module. Initial posts must contain references to the textbook, articles, and other peer-reviewed resources to support your answer.
  • Two replies (minimum) are due by Sunday. One liners will not be accepted, that is, it is not sufficient to write that you agree or disagree with someone’s argument or like their comments. Provide a rationale for your arguments, be thoughtful when responding, integrate the textbook and related articles (the readings) for support and allow me to hear your respective voice in the discussion format.
  • Grading is based on timely and frequent participation, as well as the quality of your responses/comments critique.


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