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Throughout our course, we explored several topics that can alter the current status of the aviation and aerospace industry including various operations, schemes, standards, new cultures, and most importantly knowledge. As you have delved into the module readings, conducted research of your own, and submitted several deliverables as to what constitutes a sustainability strategy and what it should include, it’s time to submit your own sustainability strategy for the type of organization that you selected in Module 2.

The report must have the following format:

  1. Executive Summary – A brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of your report
  2. Introduction – Present the organization you have selected and its operations. Describe the initiative you will introduce in your report, justifying its importance for environmental sustainability.
  3. Procedures Development – Select the paragraphs from the ISO standard document where you will develop the specific procedures for the initiative you have selected.
  4. SWOT Analysis – Provide a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats analysis of the selected initiative for your preferred organization.
  5. Conclusion
  6. References in current APA format

Be sure to include all of your previous deliverables for the project after you have made adjustments according to your instructor’s feedback. Refer to 1.7 Course Project Info: Environmental Management Procedures for Aviation Environmental Sustainability for more information.


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