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This week’s discussion forum will ask you to pick out the premises and the conclusion of the argument being presented in an essay. This essay is a longer passage than what we have been working with in the exercises, but like the arguments you have worked with so far, there is a conclusion along with premises that are meant to act as support for that conclusion. You will first identify what you think is the conclusion and the premises that support it, then you will consider some reasons that might counter the argument presented in the essay.

Here are step-by-step instructions on what to do:

1) Read the essay “Marine Parks” (attached)

2) Write your initial post. In your post:

  1. Identify what you think is the author’s conclusion is and the premises that lead to the conclusion. NOTE: The premises may not be explicitly given in a sentence and you will paraphrase when writing them out. Write out the premises and conclusion in the following format, try to put it into one of the deductive argument forms discussed in the “Argument Patterns” section if possible:
    • Premise 1
    • Premise 2
    • Conclusion
  2. Write out what you think could be used as evidence that would counter this argument, in other words, evidence that you think would support the opposite conclusion of the author’s.
  3. Based on this, do you agree or disagree with the author’s conclusion? Why or why not?


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