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The film “Stonewall Uprising(link:… )”: It’s a PBS documentary that revisits the protests in June 1969 after New York City police raided a popular gay bar in Greenwich Village, the Stonewall Inn. The critique should focus, analytically, on the documentary’s qualities, features, and production values. Specifically, plan to discuss in a seamless fashion (without subheadings) the:

Media component: The documentary includes (but does not necessarily focus extensively on) references to news media reporting about the uprising. Did the film offer notable insights about media coverage, in your view? Or was this component treated too fleetingly?

In addition, please read this retrospective essay?link?…? as well as this Village Voice article(link:…) published in early July 1969. You’re welcome to quote from the essay and the article in drafting your critique.

Fairness factor: Was the documentary even-handed in treating aspects of the uprising? That is, did you find it a fair-minded portrayal? Or was it perhaps too celebratory and thus imbalanced?

Production values: Briefly discuss the overall technical quality of the film — how well, or poorly, it was made. Were there portions that were particularly striking or well done? Was it perhaps overlong at more than one hour?

Takeaways: What did you find most memorable about the documentary? Overall, was the film defined more by strengths, or by shortcomings? Be sure to identify a major strength and shortcoming.

Recommendation: Would you retain the film critique as an assignment in future sections of “Decisive Moments”? Why or why not? Is this a film you would watch again?


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