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The best essays about literary texts reveal relationships between different aspects of the
work and in this sense they can reveal theme. You are tasked with developing a research
question about how a set of texts on the syllabus work in concert to establish a specific
theme you have identified; you will be writing your research essay on this topic. Begin by
looking at different topics and themes we have discussed throughout the course. What
kinds of questions do these works raise about literary form and content? The texts we
have read so far this term prompt questions about a wide range of topics, such as:
forgetting, childhood, motherhood, education, history and tradition, satire, collective
violence, modernity, self identity, gender, queer theory, race, and class, to name but a

In the final essay, students must discuss either one of the three novels we are reading this
term OR two (2) of the shorter texts on the syllabus. The research essay is the final
assignment for the course. Students looking to receive feedback on particular ideas or
research questions will have the opportunity during the Academic Writing Tutorials with
me via zoom running from March 10 to March 22. Build and support your argument
using evidence from the text. You may write on one or more of the insights you discussed
for a previous / upcoming insight sheet assignment to use ideas you have already
developed. In your essay, you will also be responsible for citing and responding to at
least two scholarly articles on your specific topic. Cite critics that make a similar
argument to the one you make. These secondary sources must be published in an
academic peer-reviewed journal or an academic monograph. (We will discuss citing
academic sources in the workshop on March 30).


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