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Company Background:

Company XYZ, located in Austin TX, offers motor races, a top-of-the-line drag strip, dirt racing, auto fairs, and frequent events that attract patrons nationwide. It sits in a large complex with capacity of 200,000 individuals. So far, the company excels in event marketing, which has allowed the company to build a large number of fans. Event marketing creates buzz around the experiences they offer. Although the company enjoys a large fan base, the management wants to implement digital marketing tools to create exceptional customer experiences.

With a limited promotional budget, the company management recognizes the value of developing a customer first culture while incorporating digital (social media, mobile) marketing tools. The management is tasked with proposing an evaluative criteria, and subsequently utilize those criteria to select the most effective tools for the current and future situation of the company.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Identify at least 5 content ideas for company XYZ. List these ideas in Column A of the provided template.
  2. Arrange the ideas according to your defined criteria or priorities. Estimate the time of first publication. Add this information to the respective column.
  3. Designate the owner of this content, describe the working title and original format.
  4. Clearly describe the CTA (call to action) desired for this particular content.
  5. Propose two repurpose formats for the original content.
  6. Break down the channels in which the content will be propagated, considering owned, earned, shared and paid channels.
  7. Lastly, add notes providing helpful tips and/or unique factors to consider (e.g. virality).


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