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Find three op-eds on the same controversial topic (within the last two years) using a newspaper research database or by going to different news websites. Read all three and evaluate them using the guidelines in Drury chapter 12:

1. Identify the thesis/proposition for each article and compare/contrast them for clarity and scope.

2. Compare and contrast how well the articles avoid getting mired in explaining the proposition.

3. Compare and contrast how well the articles emphasize the benefits and features of the proposition, assessing the major kinds of argument in the articles and the quality of the evidence (grounds) and warrants.

4. Compare and contrast how well the articles use style and an economy of words.

5. Compare and contrast the quality of the headlines and hooks (first sentences) in the articles.

**Exercise adapted from Drury, J.P.M. (2020) Argumentation in everyday life (p.280). Sage Publications.

A few suggestions: Omaha World Herald,  (Links to an external site.)Lincoln Journal-Star,  (Links to an external site.)Kansas City Star, (Links to an external site.) Des Moines Register,  (Links to an external site.) Denver Post,  (Links to an external site.) New York Times (Links to an external site.), Washington Post.


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