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1)  Describe two teams that you have been part of in college or at work.  The description should include the purpose, make-up, and duration of the team. Describe any significant cultural variations among the team members, using the cultural dimensions discussed in Chapter 4.  List traits that were effective in the teams (using the list in Chapter 3), and traits that lowered performance. Explain why the traits were effective or ineffective.

2) Referring to the two team examples above, describe how the teams handled difficult conversations. Describe what role the team leader played in handling dissent. Compare the approaches used to what is recommended in Chapter 3.  What did each team do well? How could they have improved? 

3a)  Select a country. (You can use Venezuela for this section if you want.) Imagine that you work for an Atlanta company that is sending the marketing and sales team to a company headquartered in that country.  Your job is to give the team a three-minute oral summary of what they need to know to build strong relationships with the foreign workers. Focus on intercultural communication skills.   Find out what norms and values are the most important cultural dimensions to understand in order to build effective business relationships. Explain what it means in practical terms. Cite sources.  

3b)  Prepare a tip sheet for the marketing and sales team that provides information on where they can get additional knowledge and deepen their understanding of the foreign culture. This tip sheet should include information that a layperson can easily understand as well as cultural artefacts such as useful movies, music, and novels.  You might even suggest restaurants in Atlanta that specialize in the foreign cuisine.


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