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I need an outline and annotated bibliography for a respaper on the learning effects of COVID in schools. Resources for outline & bibliography are attached. Also, guideline on how to complete them are attached. MLA FORMATT

The rubric for this assignment is a holistic one that will be based upon the quality of the work on the assignment as a whole. Here is a list of what I will be looking at as I assess the outline and the annotated bibliography:

The Thesis Statement: Do you have a good idea of what thesis you will explore and try to prove through the process of your research and writing your paper?

The Main Points: Are the main points strong enough to support your main thesis? The main points will be listed by the Roman numerals.

The Supporting Details: Are the supporting details specific? Will they help to support the main points? The initial supporting details will be listed by the lower case letters. In most cases, the supporting details can be broken down even further. Those further breakdowns will be listed as Arabic numerals under each letter.

The entries in the annotated bibliography: The entries should be correctly formatted in MLA format. For written works, using the cite tool in GALILEO will be very helpful in making sure that you get a correctly formatted entry. Be sure to consult the Sample Works Cited Page handout in our class page for details on what you will need to check to be sure that your entries are correctly formatted.

The information provided in the annotations: The annotations should contain both summaries of what is in the source material and an explanation of how that source material will be able to help you in your research paper. See the sample Annotated Bibliography provided in our class page to see what the annotations should look like.


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