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This quiz will model much of what your task may be like when working on your own dissertation.You have been provided the data set in order to answer the research question below.The data set (CSV-Student_Achievement_Dataset.CSV) is a Comma-Separated-Values file.Generally, JASP opens these files nicely, but you will always want to check your rows and columns to see that nothing seems out of place.You will do a complete/full analysis with this file and provide your conclusion in APA format.Again, you should not include output in your dissertation, but for this assignment, it IS required.

A quiz that earns full credit will include (for each research question):

  • An introductory sentence about which test(s) will be used and what indicated that it was the correct test.
  • A stated null and alternative hypothesis.
  • The output from JASP.
  • A conclusion in paragraph form that includes the decision you made, APA formatted reporting of your statistics, and a final statement about your findings as it relates to the research question. (2-3 sentences is fine)

For this quiz, you do not need to use this Word file, but you will need to create your own.While I don’t have an issue with you turning in an Excel file or data file, you should see this as an assessment of your professional writing of statistical analysis for which Excel may not be appropriate.A pdf file is also appropriate provided that all of the required elements are present.

Research Questions

  • Is there a relationship between a student’s Language Arts Raw Score (cstlars) and a student’s Math Raw Score (cstmrs)?
  • Do males and females score differently on Language Arts Scaled Scores (cstlass)? What about Math Scaled Scores (cstmss)?


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