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Task 1: 

Choose one element in the external political environment that impacts your chosen industry either favorably or unfavorably.  Examples of the political environment are: tariffs, trade wars and terrorism, etc. Please describe your chosen element in detail and if you believe this will be a long-term or short-term impact and if this poses an opportunity or a threat to your industry segment. For the Political, so be sure to discuss a political impact (government policies in regard to COVID-19, international relations, border regulations, or any other element in the political sphere). 

Hint: Sometimes students Google PESTEL analysis and talk in general about each letter in their post.  That is not your assignment!  Your assignment is to focus on the letter of the week and go ‘deep’ into one element of that letter to consider.  Analysis of a single aspect is the key…so be sure to only discuss one aspect of one letter in your post!

A PESTEL Analysis is a planning tool that helps ensure that you fully investigate the external environment confronting your industry or business before determining your strategy.  Each letter represents a different element (P is for Political, E is for Economic, S is for Social, T is for Technology, E is for (natural) Environment, and L is for Legal).  Each week you will discuss with your Special Interest Group (SIG) one of the letters and how this element impacts your industry.

SIG Discussion Expectation:

Length:  It is expected that your post will be approximately 250 words in length (one half page, single spaced, 12 size font).

Research:  You are expected to use at least one cited source in your post.  Please make sure that this source is credible.

Task 2:

Please respond to 2 of my classmates’ posts.


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