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Christian Perspective World Changer Strategies

Describe the correlation between the Christian perspectives of poverty and vulnerability as well as present the findings and world changing impact of your interviews. You will examine at least two strategies that can be implemented which would impact change for vulnerable and/or impoverished individuals in your local community.

Upon successful completion of these activities, you will be able to:

Discuss the Christian perspective related to serving vulnerable or impoverished populations.


Textbook: Stanhope & Lancaster

File: World Changers Outcomes.docx


Review the appropriate rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

Review the World Changers Outcomes document.

Review Biblical Wisdom scriptures and additional scriptures for each of the workshops

Search for other scriptures related to poverty and vulnerability

Prepare to discuss the following prompts:

Describe the correlation between the biblical/Christian perspective of poverty and vulnerability, and the subjects/findings of your interviews.

Discuss the world changing impact observed through your interviews.

Share a minimum of two strategies you can implement that would impact change for vulnerable and/or impoverished individuals in your local community.

Discuss a minimum of three ethical principles that affect the issues of poverty and vulnerability for this population.

Identify nursing interventions you currently have or that you plan to implement in your work setting that relate to these public policies as well as ethical principles that affect this population. Discuss the effectiveness of these interventions.


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