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1.The Rise of the Social Work Profession

During the Civil War, American women became active in public life. Explain the role of women during this era. How was women’s involvement during this time a precursor to the development of the social work profession? Describe the factors that led to the development of the social work profession. Include in your analysis how? the two historical traditions of the settlement house movement and the charity organizations influenced the structure of the social work profession?.?

How did the fledgling profession reflect the values of the times? Have these values changed over the years? How so?

2.Social Agencies as Instruments of Oppression

Describe how social welfare agencies discriminated against African Americans and how these same systems may still oppress them. Use your personal and work experience as well as course readings to respond to this question. You may also need to do some outside research.

3.Assessing Level of Care

After completing the reading for this unit, select one of the levels of care and discuss your opinion of the most appropriate theoretical approach to treatment for a client in this level. In addition, discuss the importance of identifying the most appropriate level of care for the client. ( i chose early intervention: assessment and education for at risk individuals-level 0.5).

4.Co-occurring Disorders

The ASI is an example of an assessment that addresses both addiction and mental health issues. Give an example of a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress that could be indicated on the ASI. Provide an example of another assessment tool that could help provide additional information to ensure an accurate diagnosis according to the DSM-5.


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