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Purpose and outcomes

As you work on your outline remember that this is a guide for your actual extemporaneous Value speech delivery, not a manuscript–the outline need not, and should not be word-for-word what you say during the actual speech. Go slow and allow yourself to write and rewrite (perhaps intermittently saying it outloud to feel the flow). You will convert this full-sentence outline to brief speaker notes on 4×6 cards that you should then use to practice).

Organize, compose, present, and critically evaluate informative and persuasive presentations appropriate in content and style to the audience and situation  

Outline Template

I recommend that you use the following template to complete your full sentence speech outline; if the file is cumbersome for you to use you should at least pay attention to the elements laid out in the template (I’ve included notes with helpful reminders). 

Value Speech Outline template (Links to an external site.) (downloadable Google doc) (Links to an external site.)

Feel free to only use as much “depth” with the sub-points as you need.  Delete the numeration you don’t use, and delete the reminders I have in the file. AND you don’t need to include references from outside sources in this speech (as it’s primarily about YOU). 


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