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Jean Watson is a nursing theorist who started the theory of human caring and the Caritas process. There are four major concepts in Jean Watson’s theory. These are the ten carative factors, transpersonal caring relationship, caring occasion, and caring-healing modalities. The ten carative factors that Watson created are critical when performing nursing care. The goal of the carative factors was to provide a guideline for nursing. Jean Watson alluded to the core of nursing as the philosophy, science, and art of caring. Jean Watson’s foundations are frameworks that we as nurses are following in our practice.

One of the ten carative factors of Jean Watson is about assisting basic human needs with an intentional caring consciousness (Watson’s Caring Science Institute, 2018). The carative factor explains the essential requirements for quality nursing care and the promotion of optimal health. According to Watson’s Caring Science Institute (2018), Jean Watson created a hierarchy which she believes is relevant to the science of caring in nursing. Similarly, both Maslow’s and Jean Watson’s theories have the concept of physiological and self-actualization. The proposition is that the individual needs to achieve a ladder of requirements to reach self-actualization. According to Tripathi & Moakumla (2018), achieving self-actualization enhances and influences the quality of life of an individual.

In conclusion, Maslow’s and Watson’s theories have a similarity that pertains to basic human needs. “Middle-range ideas function to describe, explain, or predict phenomena; notably, they are both specific and testable. “While the grand view has traditionally been the primary focus of many studies.” (Mills, 2021).


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