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Book : The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to Post-Modern, 3rd Ed

Using MS Word, or a compatible program, answer two of the following three questions. These are worth 40 points each, so make sure that you exhaust your topic. (Please note that a college-level paragraph is approximately 10-12 sentences per paragraph. Other than your textbook, outside sources are not necessary. Please cite what you quote from the book. All essays are subject to citation verification via

1. There were four major shifts in the Renaissance. What were these shifts AND what are their significance to art? Choose a piece of art from your textbook to discuss. Write two college-level paragraphs.

2. . Using the artistic elements handouts from the module and your textbook, discuss the significance of Michelangelo’s La Pieta’s subject matter (what’s going on in the sculpture and what message, if any, is Michelangelo offering his audience? Please note that even though there is an obvious religious connection, consider that the Church during the Italian Renaissance worked hard to make Jesus into a relatable person to the people. Think about what kind of secular meanings there might be…). Write two college-level paragraphs.

3. What are the major differences between Romanesque churches and Gothic cathedrals in terms of architectural structure? Consider shape, emphasis, decoration/ambiance, etc. Use a structural example from your textbook to discuss. Write two college-level paragraphs.


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