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I need to rewrite this according to her feedback for a better grade. this was the review feedback to Learner 3/16/21 8:00 AM Great topic and some good research about Coca Cola and plastic pollution, but your paper needs a major revision to make a stronger
case for action. First, it is not clear if your paper is targeting EPA or Coca Cola. Include a brief introduction which explains the goal of the paper and how it is organized. Second, you must improve your organization – you keep going back and forth about
the problem, Coca Cola actions and government policies. Use the first 1-2 pages to describe the problem, then move to Coca Cola actions, then policies and finally available options and recommendations. Third, you must use a lot more data/figures/references
to describe the problem of plastic pollution (tons per year, percent in landfills, health and environmental effects) as well as Coca Cola (e.g., annual revenues, profits, countries of operation, market share). Fourth, you must be SPECIFIC when you analyze government
actions – how should EPA educate consumers? What bans are you talking about? I haven’t heard of a single ban on plastic bottles, but the European Union has new regulations on disposable/single use packaging – you should analyze and reference that. Fifth, your
recommendations are contradictory – you suggest BANNING plastic bottles but then you suggest using compostable and reusable/recyclable ones. Make sure you also analyze current initiatives by Coca Cola – it has committed to using plant based plastic bottles
and to 100% recyclable plastics! Finally, you have some language issues (see my comments and highlights in the text). Great topic and I look forward to your revised paper. Citation Style:Harvad

Language English (US)


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