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For some background:

Following its invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, President Putin’s concentration of presidential power over the last 10 years, and with its increasing role in Syria’s civil war, Russia continues to assert itself on the world stage. 

In a 6 page exploration, please research, analyze and discuss the following items:

1.  Where is Russia geographically? What role does this geo-position play in her “place” on the international stage (what countries can/does Russia impact/influence how and why)?  Please look at her natural and other resources and discuss Russia’s internal strengths. Look into Russia’s racial, cultural, and religious breakdown. 

2.  Explore a brief history of Russia over the past 100 years – what sorts of political changes have taken place and what effects did/do those changes have on the Russian population, its politics and its view of the world? 

3.  Take a close look at President Vladimir Putin – his background, rise to and control of the upper echelons of Russian political power.  Spend some time getting to know Putin during the Cold War and how that time and how the collapse of the Soviet Union affected his current leadership style.

4.  Where is Russia with regard to collective security? What is its role in the United Nations and what is its relationship with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)? How does this effect its policies toward other countries? Look specifically at Russia’s relationship with China and Iran.

5.  Finally, explore and discuss the relationship between Russia and the United States over the last 10 years.  Where is that relationship now? Be specific in discussing policies, laws, trade agreements and other interactions between our two countries.



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