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Communicating Process Change


Changes in business process require careful communication for several reasons. First, businesses often rely on processes being carried out in a speci?c way, both to ensure quality results and to protect the business from costly errors. Second, everyone involved may have their own expectations, and leaving out a step or failing to clarify some aspect of the process may lead to di?erent employees taking di?erent approaches. Finally, while process changes may seem obvious to those who initiate them, the reason for the changes may not be obvious to all employees involved. For all of these reasons, misunderstandings, missteps, and errors can multiply rapidly when the desired approach is not absolutely clear.

Imagine that you are the person responsible for communicating a change in a business process that a?ects all customer service representatives in a particular business. The four facts detailed in the Four Facts for Process Change in the Resources section outline the situation, which you must address by preparing a precise, accurate communication. Your assignment is to create a clear, precise communication statement (a memo) for announcing a set of changes in an organizational process.


To complete this assignment:

  1. Start your assignment with your specific topic from “Focusing on a Specific Topic.”
  2. Follow this with a one-page analysis and the resources you utilized to reach your conclusions.
  3. Write a communication of your change in work evaluation, intended for the managers of the customer service representatives who are a?ected. This evaluation should be 3–5 sentences and address why the KPI (key performance indicator) is not working and what needs to change.


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