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1. Russell begins by defining “Christian.” What two beliefs must a person have in order to be Christian, according to Russell? What is the belief that Christians used to share but is no longer universal among Christians?

Arguments in Favor of God’s Existence

2. Briefly describe the first cause argument.

3. What is Russell’s objection to the first cause argument?

4. Briefly describe the natural law argument.

5. Why does Russell reject the natural law argument?

6. Briefly describe the argument from design.

7. What is Russell’s reason for rejecting the design argument?

8. Which philosopher made the “moral argument” in favor of believing in God?

9. Briefly describe the argument that God must exist to remedy injustice.

10, Describe the example of the oranges that Russell uses to dismiss the “remedying injustice” argument.


11. Russell mentions three of Jesus’ teachings that he believes few Christians accept. What are two of these teachings?

12. Next, Russell discusses defects in Christ’s teachings. What are two of Jesus’ teachings that Russell believes are flawed?

The Emotional Factor

13. What does Russell say about the idea that without Christianity people would be much more immoral? Has the church brought about moral progress?

14. According to Russell, what must we do in order to make the world a better place?

Please answer all of the questions with 2-4 sentences. The link to the reading is . The reading is name Why am I not a Christian.


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