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NOTE : Please Watch the video you’ll find the question in the video and you can answer them only from the video and from the reading that I upload for you Do not use any other resource. If you did I’ll get zero. So, pleas Do Not Use Any Other resources.

Please watch the video entitled “1930s – Part One (CSUDH History 101 Lecture #24)” on Youtube. The video link is below:

There are four questions in the video worth a total of 10 points. They are not that difficult but please use short quotes from the primary sources when applicable and then restate your quotes for full credit. Please submit your answers here.

Before you begin, I would like to make a few statements about the two men we will be discussing. It’s easier when teaching history to make big comparisons such as in World War II, we were good and Hitler was bad. We tend to do that in the 1930s as well with the comparison of Herbert Hoover being bad and Franklin Delano Roosevelt being good. Of course, life is more complicated. Although there were huge issues with the way that Hoover handled or didn’t handle the problems with the Depression, please know that he was one of the two presidents who donated his salary to charity, he raised $500,000 to help the less fortunate, and he personally gave $50,000 out of his own money to aid others. He strongly believed that the government should not help because he argued this would make our country weaker. Almost 90% of the country agreed with him for a long time. And he lived by that by donating his own personal funds to others. Another interesting point about him is his vice-president was Native American, the first person of color to occupy that office. So once again, life is usually complicated.


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