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Hello, Everything is explained below. chapter 14 is attached .

This Chapter is huge so be prepared to work this week!

For the Musculoskeletal System this week I have picked websites for you to research. Please pick a website and locate an article or item that interests you. Please place the topic of your post in the subject line and ask 10 questions regarding the material to your classmates. Please introduce your questions by writing a paragraph about the topic and what you learned from the article (not long, just about 5-10 sentences please.

For your replies, please answer 2 complete sets of your peers questions (20 questions total). Please paste the questions within your reply.

Here are your sites:

Option 1: The Merck Manual Online: (Links to an external site.)

Option 2: Ergonomics and the Musculoskeletal System: (Links to an external site.)

Option 3: Search a Disease or Disorder from your book at the Mayo Clinic Online Site: (Links to an external site.)

Option 4: Your own site/topic. Please post our site for your peers. You may research anything within chapter 14 or that relates to the musculoskeletal chapters within this option.


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