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What is the difference between a Literature Review and a Literature Search?

The term literature “review” (LR) entails extensive searching for the most current and research-based information on a topic and developing a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge in that topic, also guiding evidenced-based care. An LR requires retrieval of high levels of evidence, extensive exploration of literature, and a formal appraisal and report of literature found.

A literature “search” (LS) is not as extensive as an LR. Both LR and LS require a search or review of the literature and should include current professional peer-reviewed resources. The LS requires a critical look at the resources to ascertain the resource’s strength before using it for the assignment, but not necessarily an in-depth formal appraisal. The LS is a written report that summarizes the current knowledge on a given issue. It identifies consistencies, contradictions, and gaps in published, peer-reviewed literature from primary sources, if possible. Consider a full range of information on the topic and information that may conflict with personal position/values.

Students will utilize the LS to become acquainted with relevant professional nursing literature related to an issue impacting practice for this course.  

**Steps to developing a Literature Search: 

1) Determine topic: immunizations

2) Compile a list of at LEAST 5 Key Words. Keywords are those words/terms databases used to sort and categorize resources. The key to a good search is the use of Key Words. 

3) Use the keywords/terms to search current references.

4) Use appropriate databases (CINAHL is one of the best for nursing research); search e-books; use reputable online sources ONLY**


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