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Topic: Maintaining Campus Community
While people are maintaining physical distance, taking many classes online, and sometimes
quarantining, it has been harder to meet new friends and make connections through campus
activities. However, even before COVID, we had many students who lived off-campus and had other life
constraints that made it harder to feel connected in our community. As we plan for a full return to
campus in the fall, what can George Mason University do to help build a sense of community and belonging so
that all students feel like they are connected on campus and get a full Mason experience?

Proposed solution: Create a mentoring event that senior students can give advice to newer students and also new students would have a chance to have more connections. ( you can add one more solution if you want to )

– the attached Annotated Bibliography are sources that you can use if you want to or you can use your own sources

– there is an example of deliberative dialogue presentation.

– for the given template:

+Main point 1: State the problem.

+Main point 2: Proposed solution(s) (Compare the solutions if you choose to have more than 1 solution)

+Main point 3: How you implement the solution(s) (If you have more than 1 solution and you only want to implement 1, explain why is it the better solution OR you can implement both)

Please follow the attachments


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