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the topic:  Why should parents stay most of their time with their kids?

Step one – Audience Analysis: Answer the questions below about your approved topic:

  1. Why should the audience care about this topic?
  2. Why should your audience trust your argument about this topic?
  3. Why are you uniquely qualified to present this information to the audience?
  4. How would the audience benefit by adopting your view?

Step Two – Research: Conduct some in-depth research on your approved topic. Find three potential credible sources of information. Provide the following information for all three sources.

  1. Title, author, date, and URL (if using a web source) for all three sources.
  2. Brief one-paragraph summary of source.
  3. How the source supports your argument.
  4. Where you might use the source in the body of your presentation.

Step three – Creating Your Outline: Develop your Persuasive Presentation Outline. This presentation will be 7-8 minutes. Remember that an outline is different from an essay. An outline uses bullet points and phrases versus complete sentences. Your outline should contain the following elements clearly labeled:

  • Introduction
    • Attention-getter/hook
    • Persuasive argument
    • Short preview of five main points to support your persuasive argument
  • Body
    • Five main points to support your persuasive argument 
      • Support for each of these five main points in the form of research, statistics, personal story, examples, testimony, etc. Be sure to alternate between fact and story for each of your five main points to generate interest and engagement


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