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discuss your experience with cultural pluralism as related to the advertising industry, which has been introduced in this module.  For example, what have been your most memorable experiences when seeing or hearing advertising?  Think about your experiences today, yesterday, every day—when you, like every other consumer in the United States—are bombarded with advertisements to buy, buy, buy, and buy some more.  As you consider the advertisements that you have seen and/or heard, have you perceived that you and your racial/ethnic group has been valued and appreciated as they are included in the advertisement because of the diversity that you and your group represent, or has your group been discriminated against or ignored altogether? For example, how has your group been represented in advertisements for clothes, jewelry, cars, food, travel, toys, entertainment, etc .Perhaps you have been employed in the advertising industry.  How did your advertising firm or organization address cultural pluralism/diversity and inclusion? All of us, including you, have experience with the advertising industry every day—multiple times during the day.  Share whatever examples you feel comfortable sharing with respect to the advertising industry from whatever perspective you have.  This discussion will be substantive and informative if you share what your experiences have been and how these experiences made you feel.

In addition to your experiences, please share how friends or family members (your children, nieces, or nephews, mother, father, sisters, or brothers, etc.) have responded to the advertising industry with respect to the diversity that they represent (please do not mention their names unless you have permission to do so).


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