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The first project in this class is a Synthesis essay. These bring together a number of sources to either inform about a particular issue or argue a particular point. You can do either – make an argument or explain/inform. Either way, you should have an overarching main idea/thesis, and the sources you incorporate should support that main idea. To do this effectively, it will be important to understand what the sources are saying and be able to incorporate them into your own text. 

You should also consider your audience. Of course, I will be reading your papers, but you will be sharing your papers with your classmates as well – so consider your audience to be college age students – similar to yourself. Essentially, you are explaining or making an argument to your friends and fellow classmates. 

In order to help you create effective synthesis papers, throughout the next few weeks, we will also be discussing various tools to help you incorporate sources – including paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting, and citing. Much of what we discuss in this unit will also be important for your final research project. 

The topic for this paper must relate to the theme of the course, that is – language in the world. You will be picking a topic, using readings from the different sections in your Language Awareness textbook (the choice of topics/sections are language and identity (chapter 7), language change/tech language (chapter 8), campus free speech (chapter 14 – beginning), or gender neutral pronoun debate (chapter 14 – end) – there are readings in Language Awareness related to all three of these topics. Choose one.) You can use readings we discuss in class, readings from the textbook, and you can supplement with your own research as well. 


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