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Assignment Learning Outcomes

1. Access, analyze and evaluate the cultural impact to traditional and modern media

2. Identify and explain the relationship between media and the UAE society

3. Identify and describe current global and local media trends

Assignment Brief:

You will need to write a reflection on the following topic: race, gender, and class in media.

Your reflections should be 400 words in length (under one double- spaced page) and can take multiple forms; be creative. Minimally, your reflection should include: A one sentence reflective summary of course content what did you learn so far about media race and gender.

There are some excellent documentaries discussing the issues of race, gender, and class in media. These include the classic Killing Us Softly series, Class Dismissed, and Tough Guise from the Media Education Foundation as well as documentaries such as The Celluloid Closet, Ethnic Notions, Color Adjustment, The Slanted Screen, and Reel Injun.

Play some scenes from the documentaries and discuss core issues involving media representations of race, gender, and class. In the case of the last few documentaries, you need to mention how texts created debates or controversies about media representation.

Your Opinion and observation should be well written. A well-crafted headline, an examination of one concept/ argument from your own research Don’t forget to cite your passage.


Referencing: Has your report used appropriate APA style across the report?

Written Answers : Critique, judging concepts

Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation

Opinion: Observations, developments and depth of ideas

Research: Identifies aims, objectives, rationale. Theoretical understanding- Key concepts


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