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***In 300 WORDS OR MORE address all the question below**

David Burkus (2020) in his blog/video states that missions are important to the organization, providing many benefits, yet asserts, “In many cases, a mission statement is something that employees can’t even recite, much less know what all those different buzzwords actually mean” (Why Mission Statements Fail, para. 5). Extrapolating this thought to all stakeholders brings up the question, shouldn’t everyone be excited and clear on the company mission? Ensuring that the process used for a mission creation meets the needs of the company and fulfills the Burkus requirement.

  • Review the mission statement of your current or past employer. Describe this employer for context, including but not limited to size, age, public versus private sector, and what they provide (products or services).
  • Describe how accurately the mission reflects the thoughts that Burkus talks about in his blog/video for all stakeholders.
  • Identify the stakeholders in your company, and describe how the mission statement can be improved to benefit all stakeholders of the company?
  • Using the readings/videos for this week and any other processes that you uncover in your research, what process(es) would you use to improve the mission statement for your company?
  • What process would you use to measure the results of your changed mission?
  • ****Include at least two sources from your readings for this week as well as at least two others you discover in your research*****
  • Please see link below for additional readings or information that may be needed.


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