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First work

In this discussion, you will look at two different sites that say they are news. Please apply the questions below to give your analysis of each website. To answer these questions well, you will need to have watched the news literacy videos I assigned. Once you post your answers, please comment on someone else in your team’s answers.

Here are the two websites (and I’ve included the links directly in the module too):

1. News Site Example #1 (Links to an external site.)

2. News Site Example #2 (Links to an external site.)

Here are the questions to consider as you analyze each website; back up and explain each of your answers:

  1. Does the website look like the information is verifiable?
  2. Does the website look like it is independent?
  3. Does the website look like it is accountable?
  4. Does the URL look legitimate or do they look suspicious?
  5. Do the writers have bylines and is there an “about us” page?
  6. Does it look like the site has fact-checkers and editors or does the site have noticeable errors

Second work…

two paragraph simple summary on what is happening to the Dungeness Crabs and why.


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