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Task: Dissertation Phase 4

Professor Feedback:

We want to see at least 50 to 75 scholarly peer-reviewed articles, with many of them being recent (within three to five years).

We want to see 50 pages (15000 Words) of APA work. You can achieve this goal.

There also needs to be a topic, a problem rooted in the literature, and a theoretical model that aligns with the problem, i.e., if the topic/problem is on IT decision making, the model/theory would be aligned to decision making and should have been used previously in some IT research.

o First paragraph – The topic, problem, purpose of the dissertation.

o Second paragraph – How the rest of chapter 2 will be formatted.

o Search Strategy – 1 to 2 paragraphs.

o Theory/Model/Variables – This is just the overview of the theory/model you are using, 10 pages (3000 Words).

o Literature Review – This is the Theory/model/Variables “In Action.” All the literature on the how’s, when’s and results of this model. This is your foundation to use that model, 15 pages (4500 Words).

o Testing review – Where are you testing this? IT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Forensics, the population, scholarly literature in this field, 20 pages (6000 Words).

oYour contribution – How you are tying the two together? 5 pages (1500 Words).

Summary/Conclusions – 2 pages (600 Words).


Need entire document word count is 15000 Words (Existing Document have 7500 words, need to add 7500 Words more).

Need 70 APA References (Existing Document have 38 References, need to add 32 References more).

Please make some refactoring if we needed for the existing document to match the professor’s feedback.


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