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Book: Sold by Patricia McCormick

• Essay Questions/Topics:

â—¦ The form of the novel Sold is very unusual. Often a section is only one page (or less) long; each section has its own title.

◦ How is the form appropriate for the novel and its message? (2-3 pages).

Possible points of think about;

These are NOT questions to be answered in the essay but simply ways of thinking about the novel. Do not structure your essay into three parts with each question answered

▪ The text of Sold does not look like what we expect of a novel–that is, paragraphs/pages of uniformly printed sentences and paragraphs. If it doesn’t resemble a conventional novel, what model then does it seem to follow? In other words: A page in this novel looks like a page you might find in what type of text?

▪ What do we know about McCormick’s research for this novel?

▪ Read the “Acknowledgments” page at the back of the novel. If you asked her, “why did you write this novel?” what would you expect her to say?

▪ Lakshmi is 13 years old at the beginning of the novel and 14 at its end. What types of reading/writing experiences has she had? What problems/limitations might that place on a narrator’s voice?


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