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1) Introduction and Working Thesis: Who is your audience for this project? To whom are you trying to appeal? (Hint – other students in the class).

Therefore, use your introduction to introduce and welcome readers to the subject. Try to hook the reader with an interesting opening that makes them want to read further. Strategies include: provide data your reader would find surprising; tell a surprising anecdote that illustrates the problem; state the main question you will answer in the project; formulate a “working thesis statement”; explain the seriousness of the issue and why readers should care.

2) Body Paragraph(s): Sometimes, as a writer, you need to provide readers with background information before you begin “arguing” anything. Can you assume that your audience (other students in the class) know what algorithm/tech you are analyzing in this project or how they work?

Before you try to argue anything, describe the example(s) of algorithms you want to analyze. Explain it/them. Do not assume the audience can read your mind, especially if they are writing about other examples and algorithms.

3) Body Paragraphs: Try to write the paragraphs that seem most important or easiest to write at this stage. Remember, because this is your rough draft, your goals are to try and organize your ideas and put them on paper, not to try to write a perfect final draft. Here are a few suggestions:

Who benefits from this technology and how? Who is harmed and how? What evidence can you provide to support your judgment? 


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