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  1. Download the Sound Collage 2 folder in Files, and review the samples in the 2 subfolders. From those 6 total audio files, choose at least 2 to use as the raw materials for your collage. You may use more than 2 if you like. Note that the “Brian Eno Loops” are long samples, but have pauses between different sounds, and the “Prepared Piano Sounds” are all shorter.
  2. Import the 2 or more samples you chose into Soundtrap, and build a collage. It must be between 40 seconds and 2 minutes in duration, and should be made up of short samples that you cut out from the sources provided, especially if you are using either of the longer Eno samples. In other words, do not just fill up the space by placing a row of samples one after another on a single track, but instead use multiple tracks to combine shorter sections to create your own, unique collage. Experiment with cutting out small sections, repeating or layering them, using reverb, delay or other effects, changing the left-right panning on different tracks, varying the density or volume in different moments, or any other editing techniques. The goal is to experiment and build something of your own, so try to have fun! When complete, export your collage as an mp3 file, just as you did in the SC1 assignment.
  3. In a text document (.rtf, .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .txt), write a brief text description of how the process went. Tell us about what feeling or mood you were trying to achieve, any challenges you had, and what kinds of editing you did, especially if your work won’t be obvious to a listener. Also, please indicate there whether you would be willing to have the instructor showcase your work with the class if selected, and if so, whether or not you would want to remain anonymous.


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