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I’m working on a Urban Planning exercise and need support.

  1. Explore your community and/or the FSU campus to identify a place (not the entire city) that has been built according to the modernist planning principles.(This isnt a question, questions start at number 2)
  2. Name the place you have chosen for this assignment and describe what it looks like. What does the building/project itself look like? The surroundings? Take a picture of the project, or find one online, and include the picture as part of your answer.
  3. Do some background research on the project and make sure to include in-text citation and a reference list to your sources. Find out the specific name of the project, if possible.
      1. How did this place come about? Which entity (such as, federal/state/local government; developer; private corporations) was responsible for creating the place of your choice? Who were the key players involved? Include anything else you find interesting about the project that you would like to discuss.
  4. What aspects of “modernist planning” do you see in the project? Why do you believe this is an example of modernist planning ideals? (HINT: Refer back to Module 2- Lecture 2- Le Corbusier & Lecture video 3 on the Ideology of Modernism). Discuss the:
      1. Structure/building itself
      2. Surroundings/setting
  5. Do you think this was a good project? If yes, why? If no, why not? How has the surrounding community been affected by the project? Who are the losers (for example were any communities displaced to create the project)? Winners? Who seemed to benefit the most? Make sure to refer back to the course modules related to the benefits and issues of modernist planning.


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