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Watch this brief video about Jeff Koons and his studio process. Take notes about his use of materials and color. Also, take notes about his motivations for making art. Another thing to pay attention to is the fabrication process, who is doing the manual work and how does this affect the way the art looks? What be the impact if Koons had to make all the work himself?

Watch this video about the amazing installation by Ai Weiwei at the Tate Modern in London, England. While you are watching the video, take notes on the artists use of materials, space, and community as a part of the art work. Think how the meaning of the artwork would change if he changed any of these things. Also, please take some notes on the economics of the piece. How was it funded? What is the significance of the exchange of money for the artist and the “subcontractors”.

In this forum post your should write at least 200 words about similarities and differences in the work of Jeff Koons and Ai Weiwei. Think about materials, content, working style, attitude, and other aspects of the work.

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