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Review chapter 6: Tools for Problem Solving and Decision Making. Then, complete questions 1- 7 on page 164. The case has 7 questions at 30 points each, plus 20 points for overall presentation of the information, for a total of 210 points. Using a 30-point scale, each question will be scored based on the rubric included in the syllabus.

  1. For the HMO vaccination program example provided in the chapter,
    reanalyze the situation assuming that the probability of a u outbreak is
    65 percent and the cost of the vaccination program is $8 million. What
    is your decision under these new conditions?
  2. In the DRG case-mix problem, VVH determined that it could convert
    15 of its routine beds to ICU beds for a cost of $2,000. What should
    VVH do, and why?
  3. The high cost of medical care and insurance is a growing societal
    problem. Develop a mind map of this issue. (Advanced: Use Inspiration
  4. Individually or in teams, develop a map of a healthcare process or
    system with which you are familiar. Make sure that your process map
    has a start and an endpoint, all inputs and outputs are de ned, and
    all key process steps are included. Explain your map to the rest of
    the class—this step may help you determine if anything is missing.
    (Advanced: Use Microsoft Visio.)
  5. Choose a service offered by a healthcare organization, and create a
    service blueprint of it. You may have to imagine some of the systems
    and services that take place backstage if you are unfamiliar with them.
  6. Think of a problem in your healthcare organization. Perform an RCA
    of the identi ed problem using the ve whys technique and a shbone
  7. Pick one solution to the problem identi ed in exercise 6, and conduct a
    force eld analysis of it.


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