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Read the ethical vignette attached carefully. Once you have read and analyzed the vignette, state how you would solve the ethical dilemma and which ethics codes were used in your decision making process. 

Tara has been working as a therapist for the past two years in a local community mental health center that primarily treats middle-aged adults who suffer from depression. Tara was offered this position after successfully completing both her practicum and her internship at the center. While Tara is regarded as an excellent counselor by her clients and colleagues, she realizes that her skills are limited by the lack of variety in her training and experience. One afternoon Tara’s supervisor approached her and asked her if she would be interested in facilitating a group therapy session once a week at one of the center’s other branches. The group is for newly diagnosed schizophrenic clients, and is meant to help them cope specifically with their auditory or visual hallucinations. Tara was excited about the possibility of doing something new, and accepted the invitation to facilitate the group. She remembered back to her psychopathology class in graduate school, and felt comfortable running the group based on the knowledge of schizophrenia that she acquired from the class. 

Please answer the following based on the case above: 

  • According to the ethics codes how are the minimum standards of competence measured (i.e. years of classroom instruction, years of experience, etc.)? 
  • If Tara does not have the minimum standard of competence to practice with client’s diagnosed with Schizophrenia, what measures should she take to become more competent?


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